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Unending Closure

About The Work

The events that have unfolded since the turn of the century, in addition to the unending technological parade of innovation and the bloating of Media influence over the world has yielded not a people that enjoy Sunday afternoon picnics on the moon, but a paranoid-delusional society, in constant fear of its own shadow. Using robotics as the primary medium, “Unending Closure” is a response to this accelerated social-trend. Being inherently driven by a sense of curiosity and exploration, the robots that exist in these wooden columns live in a constant state of suspicion and fear, attempting to “see” what is outside, yet drawing back at the earliest guise of danger.

Each robot is equipped with an IR sensor which it uses to “explore” its world from the small opening near the top of each column. The sensor is mounted on a mechanism that allows for the robot to search both vertical and horizontal space. While they do this, they each make unique searching sounds from a built-in sound generator and speaker. Once they find a viewer, they will focus on them, waiting to see what the viewer does. If the viewer gets too close they will try to get away by shaking around at varying levels of intensity and making distinct warning sounds. If the viewer stays within a certain distance, the robots will try to communicate with them, using sounds and shaking. If they do not find anyone for a long period of time, they will exhibit several types of behaviors, including communicating with each other via a stream of sounds.