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About The Work

The complex, multi-layered, and often humorous imagery in the series Slideways is produced somewhat automatically. “The initial drawings surface quickly, almost as if they already existed,” Orellana explains, “In many ways, I am just transcribing the images, allowing them to take shape on their own.” To achieve this, Orellana allows his consciousness to be distracted by external influences, which serves to remove deliberate mark-making from the process. Eventually, Orellana “sees” his subjects in the labyrinth of initial lines and embellishes them. The process is thus related to both the occult practices of automatic writing and Freudian ideas of free association.

Orellana uses a Cintiq Wacom Tablet and digital imaging software to create the paintings, which are then printed on a large-format, archival ink jet printer. The resulting paintings are rich with layers of line work and drenched in color.T

he prints from the series “slideways” were all painted digitally, printed with archival ink and paper. Each is part of an edition of 3, with 2 artist proofs.

Medium: Archival inkjet print