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About The Work

The interactive artworks found in the series Shadows are designed to be used posthumously. Inspired by paranormal research, spiritualism, and ghost folklore, these machines continuously search for the dead, attempting to allow the departed continued use of their worldly possessions. Extracted from recent estate sales, the personal objects found in these techno-effigies are in a constant state of potential energy, awaiting their owner’s return. By monitoring sudden fluctuations in temperature, infrared, and electromagnetic readings, the machines try to open a channel or doorway into the neither world. By this, each machine gives the dead an opportunity to continue interacting in this world and the next.

For more information regarding the Shadows series, check out the BreakThru Radio – Art Uncovered interview by Thomas Seeley here or the Hyperallergic essay by Sarah Walko here.

Metal, plastic, electronics, motors, LCD screens, found objects