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About The Work

In response to our ongoing petroleum wars and a fascination with the automobile, I created a machine I dubbed The Extruder. It was charged with the task of making 429,674 Play-Doh automobiles, which is the estimated number of automobiles the FORD Motor Company made in 1947, the year Henry Ford died. This process continues to this day, though I have only achieved a very small percentage of that goal, somewhere in the range of 9000 to 10000 individual Play-Doh automobiles. As the automobiles are made, I encase them in clear epoxy, which seals the ephemeral Play-Doh automobile into the distant future.

As I encased these miniature automobiles in parking-lot configurations, I realized that I was not just sealing the automobiles in epoxy; I was mummifying and entombing them. Like the Pharaohs of antiquity, I was sending my automobiles off in a time machine, to see realities and futures I can only dream of. Instead of elaborate Pyramids serving as the vessel, I was using wall-hung artworks.

In response to this I have designed my new series Population. Since all the Play-Doh automobiles will need drivers in the future, I thought it only appropriate to start extruding the Play-Doh people that would operate the automobiles. However, these drivers will no doubt get hungry and need shelter, so I will also extrude all the Play-Doh cows they might need to eat and the Play-Doh houses they might require.

In varying configurations, the worldly things outlined above will also be encased in epoxy, accompanying the automobiles into oblivion.

Materials: Play-Doh, epoxy, wooden panel, aluminum, electronics, motor, plastics, multi-channel video